So, many of you may have seen how Jalopnik posted a list of the 10 Best Four Door Sedans on eBay for under 10K. I happened to be very close to one of them, so I went to check it out.

This one happened to be the 2007 Volvo S60R with under 94k. Being the owner of a 2007 S60R myself, I could truly do a decent comparison.


So I called the number on the eBay Ad for the R, and was greeted by a salesperson. We confirmed they had the car and to come in whenever and ask for her.

The dealer claims to be the biggest independent wholesale dealer in the Northeast, selling ~400 cars per month. I eventually got the dealer, to see a super small lot, a lot different from the aerial pictures on eBay.


They had a bunch of fresh-from-the-auction cars just sort of sitting around - all with issues. Firstly, there was a green Jaguar XF with four flat tires, a GL450 with a punched in window and sagging suspension, and then a ~2008 E63AMG with major quarter panel damage and various other damage. They all seemed to have come straight from a repossession.

Upon walking in to the dealer, I met with the salesperson who immediately asked whether I plan on paying cash or financing. Then she told me the dealer has a $600 processing fee added to all prices. After some finagling, she eventually went to get the R. I knew it was going to be rough, but not this rough...

Rear Emblems are misalaigned

Decent Quarter Panel/Rear Door Damage

Front Bumper ripped and barely hanging on

**The Money Shot

From what I noticed:

  • +$5,000 in cosmetics and paint correction
  • It has one of those clear bra's that is yellowing and destroyed
  • Intercooler completely warped
  • Whining noise coming from the right side of the engine
  • Cloudy headlamps
  • Curbed wheels
  • Rear bumper and trunklid replaced - major orange peel
  • Turn signals don’t work
  • S button on transmission doesn’t work
  • Behind the wheel nav buttons don’t work
  • Needs new struts, and 4C
  • Engine is tired and whiney
  • Wheels are bent and need alignment
  • Missing sunglass holder (last pic)
  • Center console doesn’t open
  • Rear View has like rusting on it or something
  • Outside mirror turn signal has condensation
  • The PO must have been pretty heavy set - the bolsters on the seat completely disappeared

Perhaps this R isn’t one of the 10 best 4-Doors Currently for sale on eBay for under 10K...
Although it makes me feel better that my R, albeit 10,000 miles newer is 10,000 times cleaner.