If you could choose any car company and fire everybody and start from the ground up, which company would it be?

For me...

it would be Nissan. Carlos Ghosn just needs to go away. Nissan isn't my favourite company, you may have figured out my favourite from my avatar, but I've always had a thing for Japanese cars and I like where Mazda is going, taking for granted the news of the rotary's return [don't break my fanboi heart Mazda]) and Toyota may have turned a corner with the FR-S and Honda, well I've taken to ignoring them. But Nissan, that once proud purveyor of cars such as the 510, the 240Z(ed), the GTR (which it still makes and we'll get to that), the '90s Maxima and the Silvia now is reduced to the GTR, and it's quickly making it's way northward with regards to price. Yes, the Fairlady's still there, but she's gained so much weight that it's a stretch (pun intended to my own chagrin) to call her 'fair' anymore. I'd probably run the company into the ground if I took it over, but the explosion would be glorious.

First order of business: bring back the inline six.

What about you?