I hate being the only one in my family who understands being a car guy at heart. I'm the only one who understands that's it's fun to detail my car or look at other cars at shows. They think it's a waste of money because they only think about it through themselves. If it brings me honest joy, then what's the difference in me spending my money on that, and me spending money on things they think are 'normal'? Why does it matter how I am happy, not simply that I am? People that don't love cars, or anything seriously like we love cars, can't relate and belittle a love for a car. I don't care that my car is 10yrs old, or that it's already fading from red to pink and really scarred up. I can fix the paint issues, or at least restore them partially, and I can help prevent these from getting worse. If this costs me a little money in the process, that's ok....because I enjoy it. Putting money into a old car is a waste of money, but for someone who loves cars, taking excellent care of an old car isn't a waste of money...Those are both the same processes, but ones provides unparalleled joy and happiness to the person. And getting to do this process with someone you love, without causing them any monetary harm, is priceless.