Driving has been great for ages, as long as you're not stuck in traffic or making a routine and monotonous commute. It's always had the ability to be therapeutic. When you're out on the open road you get to see, smell and experience things that you miss out on if stuck in one general location your whole life. The freedom it gives you is amazing. If you're not on a time crunch you can stop at a random restaurant, take scenic pictures, or do a multitude of things you can't do when in the house/office or traveling via commercial airlines.

What I absolutely love about it these days is that it gives you an escape from rectangular digital displays. Now that smartphones are commonplace many of us are staring at some sort of digital display the majority of the day. Between work at the desk, work on our phones, personal communications via email/text/etc, and TV we're looking at screens a LOT. The best part about driving is that we're forced to put our digital devices down. It's a big relief on our eyes to focus on objects that are in the distance instead of going nearsighted looking at our monitors and phones. Listening to music or a game is a treat because we're actually listening and not distracted by incoming texts or emails.

Driving may be the only respite from digital communications that the average student or office worker gets on a regular basis. Anyone who uses the new systems that let you listen to and respond to text messages while driving is missing out from the digital hiatus that driving provides. Let's enjoy driving while we can. There will be plenty of time to stare at our phones if the Google cars take over and we're forced to become permanent passengers.