I've posted on OppositeLock for quite a while now, and everyday great posts roll in and out. I'm forever reminded on how broad the spectrum of viewers and posters that roam these walls are, be that from rich to poor, young to old, uneducated to educator, and everywhere in between, and I'm amazed and thankful that Oppo continues to be a welcoming and helpful place. I just want to say thanks for making this place; thanks for making it a home.

We are supercar owners, first time drivers, lemon lovers, aged with the miles of years past, and dreamers of the miles to come. We are engineers, economists, educators, enigmatic, empathetic, and utmost enthusiasts. We love cars, and we won't apologize for that, but we will help out anyone who needs some advice without some elitist chip on our shoulder, be that on life or just a friendly query about a car that you feel some sort of irrational love for.

Remember this, and proudly call yourself an Opponaut!