Last Friday I stayed home with the intention of getting the GTV6 inspected. I finished bleeding the brakes, adjusting the headlights, making sure all of the lights and signals worked. With a knot in my stomach I drove it to the nearest state inspection station. All of the kids working were fascinated, and Rochambeaued for the chance to drive it for the road test.

Twenty minutes later, I learned I was failed because the light that's supposed to come on when the handbrake is pulled wouldn't stay lit. So home I go, to pull out the seats and carpet to fix the $.50 switch. Four hours later, it was working, and there's still time to take it back.

Which is when I notice the passenger side taillights are not working. They were, just that very morning. I also notice the turn signals don't work if the headlights are switched on.


It's possible a faulty battery is causing the problem. Apparently lighting (except for the headlights, but only because I added relays and added main power lines directly to the alternator, although the relays still draw from the battery) is all powered by the battery even when the car is running.

Whee. I have 12 days and counting.