The grey wall does a fantastic job of improving the quality of Front Page discussions. Those of us who enjoy followed privileges have an unspoken responsibility to steer the conversation in an entertaining and thought-provoking direction by starring grey commenters out from behind the wall. If anyone on the Jalopnik masthead is reading this, hear me out.

I don't know this guy personally, so I don't have any obligation to write this. But MtrRider has consistently been contributing outstanding posts to Oppositelock for several months. He made it onto the Most Read Oppositelock Stories Of 2013 with his hilarious satirical post on Toyota going all RWD.

More recently, he knocked it out of the park with The Truth About The Ford Raptor, which was shared to the front page. With 175 recommends on this article, it's clear the guy is building one hell of a credible reputation.

He's not a troll. Let's get him out of the grey. In the words of Simon from True Lies:

Full disclosure: MtrRider was informed of this post ahead of time and is cool with it. If he doesn't gain followed status as a result of this, I will be changing my screen name to "Prius Lover" for a week. No one wants that.