And this ignores their "expensive" and FF sports cars. Add the Z34, Z33, Z32, G35, G37, Pulsar (and GTi) Skylines (GTS, GTS-T, GTS-4, GT-Rs, there's a million of them) Most years of the Maxima, the M series, the FX series, and tons of other cars to that list.


Just because Nissan took a break from cheap, fun cars for a few years doesn't mean they can't do it again. Nissan has more experience making cheap RWD enthusiast cars than Mazda, Subaru, and Toyota combined.

Nissan has definite grounds to criticize the BRZ. That man who did is an idiot, but the company has built a reputation and history as the kings of this market, even if they stopped watching the throne for a few years and let the BRZ take away some market share.

Let's be completely honest. The BRZ is a speck on the radar of cheap RWD cars that happened to have good timing. There was the Civic, the Miata, the GT86, and now the BRZ, but none of them ever killed Nissan's ability to made badass enthusiast cars.

I leave you with this gif.

EDIT: I feel no remorse for breaking Kinja.