Zenvo failed and burned miserably. As I watched the show, Clarkson felt like he had some sort of personal grudge with this car. Felt like even if it was good, he'd hate it but we'd be assured that it was the car's fault with all break downs and fire.

So if you'd recall TG Magazine's words, they back then praised it and called it "The Stig's Supercar" in 2010 so there maybe some issues.


Zenvo has now released a statement to a Danish auto website trying to clear up a few things because the sort of press the car generated from the show, could potentially end its career in the supercar world.

They say that after an hour of brutal drifting (for taking some good shots for our pornographic pleasure), the clutch went up in flames and once it was fixed, and it went back under the feet of the speed demons who did some flying and used up 50 liters of fuel until it caught fire.

The fire was traced back to a fault in the fan of the intercooler and since the fire, each intercooler is tested after receiving from the supplier.


Apart from the fact that Jezza got the price of the vehicle wrong, which is 660,000 GBP instead of 800,000, TGUK tested the car when driving was not recommended in many parts of Britain because of the weather and so the car's true potential could not have been exhibited because its wheels could not find traction on a cold and rainy day.

I'll agree to the when 1100 hps are pushing just the real wheels of a heavy mid-engined car, it's like those F1 cars trying to beat a hatchback on marble floor. The sort of thing TG tested in doors sometime back.

Moreover, Zenvo complains that they didn't even bother to tell the 0-to-60 time of 2.69 seconds nor did they mention the top speed of 189 MPH.

However, I don't think Zenvo will be taking TG to court though.

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