Will Buxton is searching for a new job title. Pit lane reporters have been banned from all hot sessions at F1 races. I'm not sure how you can be a pit lane reporter when you're not even allowed on pit lane.

This is typical of today's society. In an attempt to make things safer we over-react when there's an accident. Rather than fix the problem they've decided to minimize the risk. Buxton has commented more than once that he wonders if a team principal had been it if team principals would now be banned from the pit wall and would have to sit in some suite somewhere off pit lane?


I can understand barring cameramen and pit lane reporters from being out ON pit lane. Paul Allen was standing close to where the outside tire changers would be when he was struck by Webber's runaway tire. However, I'm not entirely certain how pit lane reporters are going to relay information in a broadcast if they're not allowed to walk up and down the pit lane. I really hope something can be done about this otherwise this rule has potentially resulted in some people effectively losing their jobs.

Image from SPEED.com credit to Getty Images