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10:40AM #67 Ford GT is starting on the pitlane, behind the #75 AMG GT who failed to make the start. Both cars are respective class polesitters.

10:45AM #55 flat LR tire, no dramas to report thus far.

10:55AM #2 overboost issues for ESM. Derani is out again, but this is the same issue as in qualifying. #55 is out in front of the P leaders, but let’s pretend its leading. Just this once. Pls.

11:10AM Track is mostly clean, all classes are having great fights. #68 spins trying to dive on the #912 and loses a few positions.

11:20AM First round of pitstops. Drive through penalty for #13 for pit lane infringement (fire extinguisher). Door issues for one of the ESM cars, with the other reportedly in the garage.

11:30AM Fights on! Fisi and Mucke going at it.

11:35AM Just taking a moment to appreciate that both BMWs are back to their normal liveries.

11:40AM Having started from the pit lane, the #67 is already back to the front of the field. Great drive from Briscoe, but theres still 11 hours to go.

11:44AM Big off for the #70, reported brake issue for Miller into the last corner. Driver is okay but the car needs a new nosecone. FCY.

12:15PM Teams continue to clock the miles. GTLM is as close as ever, however the #4 corvette heads to the garage due to water temperature issues. Nothing to note in P or PC. #29 Audi and #16 Lamborghini are in very tight formation for the lead in class.

12:25PM Curran in the #31 challenging Fittipaldi in the #5 for the lead, briefly making it 3-wide. Rebellion lingers close behind.

12:35PM Strategic pit stops continue. Full service for Rebellion but Buemi can’t get the 07 started. Both #5 and #31 also pit, but haven ow lapped the #13. Additionally, #2 ESM Ligier retires ot the garage due to a failing power unit.

12:42PM #13 is back out but 2 laps down. Top 3 is back to being Formula Cadillac.

12:46PM #24 BMW with Tomcyk behind the wheel returns to the pits with no rubber left on the FL. A pretty serious puncture on his outlap. Update on the #13: somebody accidentally turned off the car during the driver change, a standard pit stop procedure in the WEC.

12:54PM Sitting here screaming TEAM ORDERS. The #68 is the spare chassis for Chip Ganassi Racing USA, being run by Chip Ganassi UK and technical staff from Multimatic.

12:58PM Auberlen in the #25 spins the $75, having just pitted for a driver change. Hometown hero Daniel Morad steps into the #28 Alegra Motorsports GT3R.

1:05PM Spin for Curran in the #31; tapped the #22 who was slowing to enter the pits but had a wide line into pit entry. #31 clipped the rear end and couldn’t engage the starter.

1:15PM #31 returns to the pit lane. No further action on the incident with #22, from race control. #70 Mazda is being sent back out as a test mule for the #55; #4 has officially retired from the race.

1:25PM Engine troubles for the #90. Gibson engineers on standby checking throttle control but the team elect to send it to the garage. #52 also in for gearbox issue. Excellent GT action on track otherwise.

1:32PM #18 gets spin around by the #75; the bumps through the last corner sent the #75 wide and into the Lambo, spinning it nearly back into the racing line.

1:38PM #55 Mazda heads into the garage. Sigh.


1:45PM Fantastic scrap between these two in P. The Oreca in the hands of a talented driver proving quite a challenge for the BOP’d Cadillac. More pit stops cycle through for GT.

2:02PM Said spins his second (third?) car of the day behind the wheel of the #75. Sweedler in the #23 is able to continue. Update: #75 in for its second drive through for avoidable contact.

2:08PM Massive burnout for the #15! Several cars have been doing this in the pits today, especially the Cadillacs. Nothing from race control about it.

2:10PM A minor mistake for the #31, fresh from a driver change.

2:20PM Normal green flag running. Lots of overtaking between classes. The GTs are still running strong, thankfully.

2:33PM Track is still green. Great battling in GTLM and GTD as per usual. Porsches running in formation - treating those trackside to a symphony of noise! GTs still lead the class with #3 and #62 still chasing.

2:44PM Dirty racecars are happy racecars. #5 and #10 both pit in, starting the next cycle. (Jordan locked up the tires on pit entry)

2:50PM More driver changes. Bleekemolen triple stinted the #33 !?

3:05PM Full service for the #67, Dixon is in the car. Contact for the #50 that has left the FL askew. (Update: the A-arm came loose and destroyed the tire; the team have attempted to fit a new hub to the car. MacNeil is pretty shaken)

3:15PM The race goes on. No major events to note.

3:20PM #50 hub change in progress. Prototypes working through GT cars at the mo. #33 still leads GTD with 4 cars on the lead lap, and 10 cars a lap down.

3:40PM No changes in class leaders across the board. Here we see #38 with French at the helm, still leading PC. Pinky has yet to spin, surprisingly. Somehow the #90 slipped back onto the track without me noticing, although it is still ahead of both Mazdas at 39th overall. The #2 ESM is also back out with Dalziel onboard, scored at 46th overall aka last.

3:50PM The top 7 in GTLM are all now on the lead lap, the podium positions being locked out by the GTs. They may be teammates, but they’re battling out to their hearts content right now.

4:00PM #14 Lexus heads to the garage, with murmurs of left front suspension troubles.

4:08PM Oh dear...

4:15PM Problems for the #22 forcing ESM to garage the second of their cars, this time from 5th in class and overall. #13 from Rebellion has also dropped off the time sheet. Heartbreak from two teams who were doing so well.

4:20PM More trouble! #24 into the tires, another FCY. Doesn’t appear to be due to contact with another car.

4:30PM Lots of pit stops as they clean the track.


4:40PM Left suspension change for the #912.

4:55PM Several cars setting PBs under this green flag. Class leaders are being pressured across the board. Stop and hold on the #57 for improper wave-by.

5:00PM The #5 and #10 are eternally bound to find each other on track.

5:10PM GTLM and GTD battles heating up as per usual. GTs are running with it.

5:16PM #2 has officially been retired from the race, thus ending ESM’s run at the race. #13 is still in the pits sorting out an alternator issue. More pit stops to ensue, as the prototypes continue to lap the field. Low key cheering on Alegra over here.

5:30PM Still anybody’s game at the head of GTLM.

5:35PM Traffic density at Sebring is still pretty high. Leaders are stuck in traffic and having to negotiate their lines carefully. Murmurs about #13 back out on track, 59 laps down and 41st overall.

5:40PM Pit stop for Ricky Taylor - fuel and sticker tires for the #10. Stints for the Cadillacs are somewhere around 20 laps.

6:10PM Amazing green flag running over the past bit, no major incidents but close racing all over the place. Leaders both come in to pit on a split strategy: fuel and tires for the #5, fuel and driver change for the #10. Sun is setting at Sebring.

6:25PM Laps continue to clock away, more driver changes as teams settle in for happy hour.

6:35PM The woes of the Lexii begin.

6:45PM Preparing for the final 4 hours. Pit stops for everybody while under FCY. Only a handful of cars on the lead laps for each class.

6:55PM Lights out! Let the fun begin

7:05PM Aaaaaand problems for the other Lexus

7:10PM Problems for the #23 similar to the #50 before it - damage to the hubs causing severe crabbing.

7:12PM A replay, but what a moment. Always a good fight when this bunch get together as we’ve seen on several occassions. Glad to see Vilander back in the car, with Briscoe and Magnussen fighting it out. Vanthoor is doing well in the back.

7:15PM It brings us great joy whenever we get a close sportscar battle like this. Especially when you have an American team (Change Racing) challenging one of the best European teams (Grasser Racing) there is. If this isnt enough to get people interested ten I dont know what is.

7:30PM Exciting sunset action continues. Vilaner pulled an amazing pass on the two GTs and is now P2 in class.

7:35PM Pinky may not have spun yet, but it sure hasn’t stopped inflicting self-harm. A fire burns brightly under the rear cowl.


7:48PM Also RLM mentioned the Delta 4 rocket launch!

7:50PM Into the darkness we go

8:00PM As night falls, it becomes harder to get screen grabs - what atmosphere though.

8:08PM FCY! #27 Lamborghini off into the tires and pit lane s closed. Front runners in Prototype are ude for pit stops.

8:15PM FCY madness continues

8:20PM Pit stops for P. WTR consistently faster than AXR, and #10 exits ahead of #5 thanks to quicker fuel. Also the rocket launch!

8:30PM The 3 Ford GTs bring us back to green! In number order no less.

8:40PM Garcia is driving like a man possessed in the #3, seemingly hunting the GTs even though he has no visibility through his windshield.

8:55PM Garcia has now done with two of the GTs and is chsing down Hand. Pace is pretty equal, gap is within 3 seconds with laps being within 0.5 seconds of each other in clear traffic.

9:15PM GTs have cycled to the back of the lead bunch. #911 now leads GTLM on fresh tires and with Makowiecki behind the wheel to the finish. Teams will now begin to execute their end games.

9:30PM Cooler night-time temperatures are wreaking havoc on the GTs. Pace has slowed for the EcoBoost cars however the #911 and #3 continue to push on. #54 has an off, triggering a few pit stops.

9:40PM The 6th and hopefully final FCY of the night. GTLM and GTD fields are bunched up, which should make for an impressive dash to the checkered when we return to green. #3 leads with #911 tailing, and three GTs in close proximity.


9:55PM GT #67 is tailing #3. #911 slips to third. #25 is also back on the lead lap. GTD is also heating up with #33 on fresh tires chasing down #63.


9:59PM #911 PASSES #66 FOR P2 IN GTLM

10:03PM #3 WITHIN REACH OF #911


10:12PM #66 chasing down #3 but the gap stays at 2 seconds. They are running near identical lap times now.


10:21PM Close battles everywhere...

10:30PM Class leaders have pretty much run away with the win. Now just a matter of settling the podium positions in the two GT classes. The gap between #3 and #66 remains firmly at 2 seconds. #62 is on the bumper of the #67 for P3 in class.

10:35PM Traffic seems to have sealed the deal for GTLM. A close 3-way battle for GTD as well.

10:37PM Taylor growing his lead, as he laps the leader of GTLM. Barbosa seems to have slowed his pace and settled for P2.





Man... what a race. Like many in the WTSC, it was a sprint to the end. Incredibly fast, incredibly clean. Congrats to all teams who participated, regardless of whether they finished or not. Congrats to WTR who win back-to-back America’s greatest endurance races. The Cadillac Dallara is truly a technological marvel and represents the commitment Cadillac V have towards motorsport.


On that note, congrats to Performance Tech for a flawless drive to victory for the #38. It was a hardfought battle in GTD as well, with several lead changes every hour. In the end the hard work the #33 put in ended up paying off, no doubt in part due to the amazing talent behind the wheel.

Of course how can you forget GTLM, the stars of the show in my book. The GTs lead the class most of the race but nobody really expected Corvette Racing to spring back like this. Come night time, and something clicked for the naturally aspirated cars. The #911 jumped to the lead but a bad strategy call proved to be their downfall.If any team truly shines when cornered,its Corvette Racing. Always willing to rise to meet any challenge. Congratulations all.