My 500 dollar project car is amongst the living car population now. Replaced the fuel pump, some fuel lines, fuel filter, and did a check up on other systems including air and found a vacuum leak which while not critical everything helps. I didn't technically install the right fuel pump as this is a CIS car and I installed a fuel pump from a 944, but everything appears to be working properly and for 40 bucks I am not complaining. In-tank fuel pump is dead so I will be replacing it with an in-tank strainer instead. Neighbors called the cops on me because the car was too loud but the cops didn't actually come by because by the time they arrived the car was parked.

Hopefully, the car will be ready for next weekend's festivities at Lime Rock.

This happened:

Also, you know you've found yourself a good project when theres an ignition coil in the trunk.

More pics of the fun (taken with my DSLR and not iPhone..)

(I deleted the fake hoodscoop residue today, don't worry.)

(cracked dash)

Appropriate sticker.

I can't believe I wasted an official Nurburgring sticker on this car...

Rock chips.

My favorite shot of the day.