Wow what a thought-would-be-terrible-but-actually-is-awesome idea that was! It was definitely above 50 degrees when I walked outside my apartment this morning and it didn't look rainy yet, so I figured I would drive to work with the top down today. Started out spectacular and a nice start to the morning. Then, it started raining! One would think this led to me on the side of the road quickly putting the top up before my car turned into a bathtub, but actually I continued onwards. The rain-x whisked the water off the windshield and as long as I was moving, I did not even get a droplet of water inside the car! Of course it was not downpouring or monsooning but it was still very much raining. Anyways, I learned today that driving my Miata in the rain with the top down is awesome. Now I am pumped up and ready to go for the day!

Jesus Christ, that front facia. It just makes it look so happy! It's because its the best!!

There, that's better!