For those in the market for a large passenger aircraft, there’s only two options, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy decision. The comparative review below will hopefully help potential customers making the right decision.

History :

The 747 has been an icon of commercial aviation since its introduction in 1969, but the current 747-8 has very little in common with the 100 to 400 series. The 8 was announced in 2005 as an answer to Airbus’ new jumbo, the 850 seater A-380. The 747-8 features new wings, more efficient ultra-bypass motors and composite body panels. The first flight of the 747-8i (the passenger version) occurred on June 1st 2012, wearing as sweet Lufthansa livery.

The Airbus A-380 has been in gestation for a while, the idea of a 747 competitor first came in 1988, but was put on hold until 1994, but it’s only in 2000 that the €8.8-billion programme was officially launched. The commercial flight occurred in October 25th 2007 wearing a sweet Singapore Airlines livery.

Exterior :

The Boeing easily takes the cakes. The 747 is basically the Porsche 911 of the sky due to its iconic shape and its perfect proportions, while the Airbus looks like a chubby version of the old A-300. It’s short large and tall.

Boeing : 9.5/10 Airbus : 6/10

Interior :

In terms of interior, Boeing went with a longer single story approach with a lounge at the top, while Airbus went with a with a more compact 2 stories layout. Right now, the Airbus layout is proving more versatile and airlines operating it have been doing some crazy shit like 3 rooms suites with shower and whatnot called “the Residence”

Boeing : 6/10 Airbus : 9.5/10

Cockpit :

Clear advantage for Boeing here. Engineers have been making a real effort to reduce distractions caused by electronic devices and only installed 7 LCD screens. The drivers also have proper “force feedback” steering wheels that shakes when things go wrong. Also, plenty of manual switches that are easy to operate while keeping eyes on the road. Another nice perk of the Boeing are the nice lambswool seat covers.

In the Airbus, however, drivers must deal a combo of Joystick/Keyboard made by Logitech and no less than a dozen LCD screens. Seats are upholstered in what seems to be striped pillowcases. On the bright side, both drivers have 2 cup holders each.

Boeing : 9.5/10 Airbus : 6/10

Value :

Unit cost for the Boeing is $357,000,000.00 while the Airbus costs slightly more at $428,000,000.00. Both planes are equivalent in terms of range and efficiency, but the Airbus can carry more passengers and is more flexible in terms of interior configuration.

Since Airbus is offering greater incentives at this moment, it’s a win for Airbus.

Boeing : 6/10 Airbus : 9.5/10

Conclusion :

Both planes have their pros and cons, and the end result really reflect that.

Boeing : 31/40 Airbus : 31/40