The car I am getting as my first car has passed her mechanical inspection. Our mechanic friend actually used the word "phenomenal" to describe the condition of the car. And here she is:

"She" is a 2000 Audi A8L. 4.2 V8, Quattro AWD, and a 5-speed Tiptronic shiftable automatic. Every option available was select by the one and only previous owner. It has 115k miles on it, and, being a one-owner A8, the previous owner was an affluent businessman who maintained the car religiously. It was actually one of six cars he had, and he got rid of it for a new Porsche. As the mechanic said, every single mechanical and electric element of this car is in perfect working order, with minimal wear. There is not a single tear, fade mark, or stain anywhere in the interior, and the only mark on the admittedly beige paint is a scuff on the right rear door, below the chrome strip. As I said, it is loaded to the gills with luxury toys, and amazingly, all of them, including the power rear shade and the turn-by-turn only GPS, work. It is, as my dad said, way too nice of a car for a 16 year-old. I am very lucky, and very happy.


Once I've had a chance to drive it for a while, I may try to do an Oppo Review, if anyone is interested.