So I just moved to Michigan and while driving through Royal Oak, I noticed tons of very shiny, beautiful vintage cars and you know, noticed it was this annual event, The Woodward Dream Cruise, which is a major vintage car event that people here may know more about than I do. I listened to some news stories and I thought it was really interesting—there were so many different takes.

More than anything, I found that people kind of vacillated between loving the nostalgia and being frustrated at Ford, GM and the other auto manufacturers for being too nostalgic about the golden age of the American automobile industry and not focused enough on now. It says all sorts of things about what the declining auto industry means to Detroit.

However, this guy thinks differently and thinks that they are finally taking risks and maybe things are looking up. Maybe he has to think that way because I think people are trying to remain hopeful that Detroit will have a revival.

I don’t know if anyone has anything thoughts about this but I’d be interested in hearing your take.