Racing car livery has be essential in the automotive industry since 1900. For whatever the reason people saw fit to paint racing cars in special colors to make them stand out from the rest of the crowd. As the years progressed some rather beautiful liveries appeared. Such as these:

I am not here today however to talk about the best livers. No. Today I am here to talk about an epidemic that is destroying the car industry as we know it. I am here to talk about the ugliest racing livers. Ones that make you crawl back into a little deep dark hole and cry yourself to sleep at night. The horrors of the car industry.

Yes Castrol Edge I am looking at you. For decades your company has destroyed the art in motion found on every racing car.

Your company ruins the beauty of a race car and turns them into Frankenstien's monster. Not only does it scare little children it makes grown adults weep. As a community we must ban together to stop this madness. Stop buying Castrol motor oil and maybe one day these images and paint schemes will be erased from our memories. Castrol is the enemy. We must destroy it.