Dodge Stealth! You're back! We thought you were dead! Thankfully, YouTube extraordinaire and completely humorless car reviewer Saabkyle04 has gotten his hands on the nicest Stealth currently for sale. But can you survive this unemphatic 26-minute barrage of details and specs?

This morning, Oppositelock commenter Matt Hardigree (I think he's new around here) found a like-new specimen currently for sale on eBay Motors. Priced at a steep $19,900 Buy It Now, this sex in automotive form can't possibly be for anyone other than well-off Stealth fans looking for a nostalgic toy to relive the Clinton-tastic glory of the 90's.


An unstoppable wave of commenters seemingly follow the Stealth around whenever it pops on the internet, decrying the experience of ownership. "It's a nightmare!" they scream, "Hope you like paying out the ass for repairs!". This is usually followed by, "but I've never owned one".


Actual owners aren't so damning. As with any vehicle, performance and reliability are consistent with the quality of the up-keep. Be good to it, and it will be good to you.

That ass

This little known and often forgotten about car was one of the best performance bargains from 1991. And certainly one of the hottest to look at, as this was a time when the competition was still stuck in the boxy and wedgy looks of the 80's.


At this price, every molecule of my being is initially tempted to yell crack pipe. But ultimately, I won't do it. I want this car so bad. So incredibly bad.