I was on my way to do some grocery shopping after work yesterday when I see a cop on the road I'm about to turn onto. No big deal, I know they're just another person on the road, but it still gives a bit of an unsettling feeling.

So I turn onto the road and continue about my driving. Up ahead he catches a red light, which causes me to start catching up. I pull over into the other lane, because I can see the light will turn green before I have to stop, allowing me to pass him and get back into the lane I want to be in. I pass him, and as I'm planning to merge back into his lane, a stupid fucking Lexus cuts in front of me, goes super slow, then when I put on my signal to merge, he does the same. I still have enough room in front of the cop to merge, so I do. Along with the Lexus. I'm slightly irritated. As we pull up to the next signal, the cop switches lanes and pulls up next to me. I'm behind the Lexus, the cop is behind a different car. The cop starts pointing, and signalling me with his hands, so I roll down the window. He points to the Lexus and says, "I'm going to stop him." Letting me know to give him some room after the signal changes. I do, and the Lexus gets pulled over.


This happened about two weeks after I was driving down a different road, behind someone who was so adamant about not passing a cop that was in the other lane that even as the cop slowed ( in a 45 zone) to 40, to 30 all the way down to 25, this guy just kind of hung out just behind him and off to the side. I was getting pretty irritated, but finally the copped slowed down enough, threw on his lights and pulled the idiot over.

Some faith has been restored.

TL:DR: Twice in the past couple weeks, cops have used their authority to pull stupid people over in my presence. Yay!