In the Auto Vs Manual battle there is usually little compromise for Jalops:

*paddles aren't better

You drive an auto! You must not be a man, or have rocks in your head, or clams in your pants or something! you should have got a manual. SAVE THE MANUALS!

Can I submit a second point of view?

What if you look at the car as a whole instead of a list of features?

I love manuals, I have save the manuals fridge magnets, every car I've ever owned has been a manual but when It was time to sell my forester I wanted to go another route and buy a real land crushing machine to explore the over-landing itch that had been forming in my soul. When all my requirements, needs and wants were tallied I ended up buying 1997 FZJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser....4 speed auto.


This is literally the first automatic car I've ever owned. Do I miss a manual? yes. Do I wish the US versions had a manual option? yes. Have I looked into what it would take to swap in a manual? Yup. Is this a bad car because its an automatic? No.

Sometimes in order to get the car you want...its got to be an auto. Here, in descending order of acceptability, are reasons to get an automatic transmission:

1. Not an option

2. Missing a limb, or the use of a limb

3. Pain to use (bad knee/back/elbow)

4. Difficult or impossible to find

5. The manual option is rubbish (rare, but certainly exists)

6. Spouse considerations (can't/wont drive stick)

7. Paddles are faster around a track...and you ACTUALLY TRACK YOUR VEHICLE! (drag racing fits here too)

8. I just need a daily driver to deal with traffic, its not my fun car.

9. More economical, if you are doing lots of freeway miles, a manual with less mileage isn't doing you any favors.


10. Other considerations won out over rowing my own, but when presented with 3 choices (man/dgs/auto) I went for the one with the most fun in it.

11. My interest in cars is limited to being pinned back in my seat and grabbing attention (its less noble but its still a thing)

12. Cheaper, especially with dealer incentives

13. My interest in cars is getting attention

14. Paddles are faster around a track...and let me tell you all about it in a forum or on youtube....track? No I haven't been, why do you ask?

15. My interest in cars is as an appliance.

**DSG's and SMG's and CVT are considered "auto" for the argument of this rant

Point is its not a defined line, its more a spectrum and we should consider the scale before we automatically bin someone who buys an auto in a non-Jalop category.