Looks like someone doesn't know what "media embargo" means. Someone snapped a shot of this slide, which I assume is a presentation given at the first media session for the Hellcat yesterday.

I'm not part of the media, and Oppo is a message board in my opinion BUT I'm sure Jalop was there, so if this needs to be deleted, PLEASE DELETE. I'm not trying to get Jalopnik in trouble.

Hellcat Starting Price Leaked.....


As a multiple SRT owner (SRT-4, SRT-6, 6.1 SRT, 392 SRT) I fully admit I thought they wouldn't dare put more HP in it than the GT500....and I was off. WAY OFF.

When I saw the HP was 707, I ASSUMED it would have a price starting in the mid $70's. I WAS WAYYYYYY OFF.

Bravo SRT. Bravo. Egg on my face.



Hellcat Starting Price Leaked.....