These are the interesting cars I saw in New York so far. Not bad for three months. I'm surprised by the lack of 458s etc. though, I thought Manhattan would be full of those GT sportscars. But at least there's a boatload of pretty S-classes and Panther based cars which I'm always delighted to see.

Maybach 57S. Always loved these, and I frankly don't get why the Phantom was the far great success.

The red, super long Phantom can be seen quite often. I'm not sure whether it's a high end limousine service or some super rich's private whip. The red color makes me think the latter. It also screams newly rich.

American iron. While they might not seem noteworthy for some, these cars always make me as a European stop and take a closer look.

Two cool Mercedes. The S123 was a Diesel and pretty beaten up, but being an old Merc it of course keeps rolling.

This Alfa in Brooklyn has to stay outside during the cold winter. Poor thing, especially as it looks like a car in mid restoration. I guess all the garage money has been spent on the Alfa's rust and mechanics?