Funs were had.

As a first-time offroader (beyond some really short easy stuff, doesn’t count) It’s a great relief to see the you’re actually lined up right when you start down the hill...
By no means the narrowest part. A full-size wouldn’t make it without paint work. Basically, if you’re taking a pickup in here, it’s either got to be small or a beater. Sorry bro, your bro-dozer is useless here, bro.
Bonus: Cidery
And also Winery

Only problem was when I looked at the satellite view this morning and found a way out that was more interesting. I guess I’ m going back :)


And the best part is, it’s not very far away. I thought there was nothing in southwestern (Lake Simcoe down) Ontario that wasn’t on private property, but it’s nice to be wrong sometimes.