Be prepared for coolness and some car murder mystery, because I don’t recognize some of these. Also, these cars are the ones that caught my eye for one reason or another.

I headed to the junkyard yesterday before it closed. My push mower needed a new part. Unfortunately I somehow missed a second piece, so I need to return Saturday or something.

For some reason, there were two trikes, and a extra front.
It said it was made in China. Doesn’t matter, it’s amazing and I want one.
Imthis guy had a 19 hp engine, close to the my 20some Hp of my craftsman.
I really like how this truck looked.
I still like this Meyers Max. The floor is rotted out, but that can be fixed, right?
Cool trailer is cool.
A primered Nova with no engine.
A ‘54 Plymouth I believe.
Back of Nova
Car murder mystery time.
What is this car? It looks familiar.
This car looked fancy, well it did look fancy.
This car looked familiar as well, but I couldn’t figure out why.
How can anyone resist a purple Metro? Or a pink truck?
I cheated on this one, found it while Pokemon hunting in town.

This junkyard is in Michigan as well, right across the street from the one I visited last Saturday. I have a feeling that they might know me by a first name basis soon.