Shoplopnik. Where there can be a discussion about tools and techniques used to keep the wheels turning. Might be a bit difficult having to weed out some good advice from bad but most of the time advice like this is crowdsourced on the net anyway.

Some example topics:

1.) What is the best penetrating oil for loosening a stuck bolt? How do I remove a broken one?

2.) What are the real "bargains" at places like Harbor Freight?

3.) What's a good low-cost floor jack?

4.) How do I do some basic rust repair?

5.) What are the best practices for doing a 4 wheel brake job?

6.) How can I save money at the body shop?

7.) What's a good brand of body filler and how do I use it?

8.) What performance tires are the best value?

9.) How do I set the idle on a Holley 4150?

10.) What are some of the easiest OBDII codes to fix?

And so on.