I bought this red brick about 17 months ago, got a little over zealous and immediately tore into it. In my haste I broke several wires on the harness that control the injectors. After weeks of searching for a replacement harness I gave up (unfortunately its a 1990, which was he first year for the GSX, and in 1991 they changed ALL the electronics so I could only use another harness from a 1990 GSX, nothing else).

Fast forward about a year of it collecting dust and I decided it was time to push it out and rid myself of it. After cleaning [dusting] the car and the garage and reading Kanarc's post about his 90's turbo car I decided to look one last time for a harness.


Well, I did not find a harness. But I did find the one other thing I spent weeks looking for. A diagram.

I have found replacement connectors and should hopefully have them next week. I've pinned out the harness and marked all the wires. Just need to extend them a bit to fit and maybe, just maybe, this big red brick can stop being an expensive garage decoration.