It was supercharged, did 0-60 in 5 terrifyingly short seconds, revved to 8,000rpm. It made 40 more hp than my Trans Am did from the factory and has the same fuel capacity as my blazer but for some reason it maxed out at only 75...

I got to drive a family friends brand new (5 hours on clock) Yamaha SHO waver runner. I'd never driven a jet ski before, it was amazing and terrifying. Starting on something like this has got to be like starting a new driver off in a Ferrari. No matter how fast you were going, you could hit the throttle and the thing would pull like a rocket, it felt like you were always in the torque band (I think that's the term?). It had the same feeling when you punched it the 600hp supercharged Camaro I drove had. One second you could be stationary, under 10 seconds later you could be going 75, going that fast on the water is terrifying. I liked 35mph, that was a nice speed. You do not need 215 supercharged horses in a jet ski.


Fun bonus info: while on the water I drove the track layouts of the Goodwood hill climb, Monza, and Monaco. Is it sad I have the layout ingrained in my head from gt6?