This morning I couldn't resist taking some more shots of the VW company XL1 that ended up in my area. There are a few shots that go a long way to show just how much the actual size differs from the perceived size in press shots etcetera.

To give this come context: I'm just about 5'10" short.

Fig. A: normal bike; abnormal car.

The Skoda Citigo (=Up!) on the left-hand side seems much bigger. Feels weird.

Quite a few people have walked by to take a look at the car at this point; many felt obliged to point out that one should not "pay that much for so little". Yeah, you guys totally got the idea of a technology showcase. The girls mostly disliked the looks from what I heard, while the boys would compare its price to 5½ VW Golf ... which must be the German version of "you could buy x V6 Mustangs for that!"

Bonus: random BMW 5er nose peeking out behind a wall and some trash cans ... the Diesel xDrive wagon next door.