What I have here is a 1967 Ford J-Car from Hotwheels. And as you can see, it's pretty much kind-of broken. The paint is chipped, the wheels are slightly bent, and it has lost it's opening hood. I bought this example for 2 euros in the Frankfurt flea-market.

Looking at the Ford J-Car, it was the fourth generation of the Ford GT40, and it was made to be as "in-house" as possible. One random fact is that it had a 7-litre V8 engine.


But when I look at the car, it makes me think. This very car was bought in 1967 by some happy kid in America, he (99% sure it's a he) unpacked it and probably played with it in some sort of playset. 47 years later, it ended up in Frankfurt being sold by an Indian man in a flea-market. It makes you wonder it's history a little, no?

(Behind the toy lies my Toyota 86 diecast from Tomica Limited)