Alright here we go I feel like I hear it too often .. "My check engine light is on" Well boys and girls let me shed some light on your dark situation. I went from a mid 2000's Hyundai sonata that was reliable , boring, white, boring, with cloth interior and monthly payments .. to a 76 Datsun 280z .. Its my daily driver I get 20 mpg here in Austin and best part about it , NO BULLSHIT !

It's my daily driver which I understand seems like I like to live dangerously but after 7 months of this and 7 months without hyundai problems , this is the way to go. best part about it , instead of my monthly payment going to a boring car where I often thought about quitting my job and living in a van down by the river instead of driving the hyundai everyday to work . I can take that money and make the datsun better and better and better ..

so 7 months into it I've managed :

Tokico Illumina 5 way adjustable shocks (which kick ass in the hills of austin and daily use)

Stiffer springs that lowered the car about 2 inches ..

The coolest damn Mexican blanket bucket seats on the planet

and the coolest damn license plate light around ..

I'll make sure to keep the Jalop community updated on progress as another few months pass by .. OH and I already RALLY CROSSED THE CAR !! then drove it home no problem .. it will do anything except be fucked in im kinda tall and that wont work ..