My 944 didn’t start when I went to go home for my lunch break, so I sighed and went and had pizza and a salad. It was quite good.

But eventually I had to think about starting it, so I went out to my car this afternoon so I should know whether to ask my wife to pick me up. It still wouldn’t start. Took the relay out, wiped off the prongs, gave it a little tap tap cause that helps apparently, and put it back in and it started right up.

The Relay in question is a cheap but almost brand new relay I bought after having this problem earlier this month. I’m beginning to think it might be where the relay plugs and not the relay itself(although someone on jalopnik mentioned a solid state relay that’s available that I’ve been meaning to order). Unfortunately the 944 relay panel is located in the upper part of the drivers side footwell. Not my car but a picture to give an idea:

And the relay in question is in the top row. I’m thinking I’ll either need to remove my seat or maybe move it all the way back and recline it and maybe I’ll be able to see what the heck is going on on the back side. Or just keep on removing the relay, tapping/shaking it, and putting it back in cause that seems effective.