Well the exterior is about done with the primer, although we may use a hatch from a donor car since the bottom edge on the hatch is worse than I thought, that or my friend will weld a bit. We are going for undercoating now, anything showing rust underneath panels. It’s taking longer than I thought, this stuff always does so I am trying not to have any expectations. But hopefully before work picks up and gets nuts I can get it out and maybe to C&C. There is so much dust and shit when we do this stuff, I might hire a detailer to do it, they have so much stuff I don’t have, there is a guy nearby who is apparently a miracle worker, I would like to clean the engine bay as much as possible since I’m not painting that. There shouldn’t be any more leaves in the car nooks since it has been all apart again. Someone gave me a big roll of sound mat, I might put some in a few spots, I can feel heat in the summer from the foot wells. The space tire hole is all exposed. The storage compartment behind the seats has factory insulation and vinyl lining so I will leave that. Hopefully soon I can post a clean orange Z with no side trim!