Moar progress! After getting the accessory kit mounted last time around, I sourced the correct harmonic balancer to get the accessory belt on and the front of the engine is pretty much done.

Onward to the rear. Clutch, pressure plate and flywheel got all mounted up and everything miraculously fit. At this point, the bellhousing went onto the block alone so I could set up the slave cylinder. Since this a completely custom deal, I got a fully adjustable slave cylinder rod and the slave cylinder itself is from a Toyota FJ40. The slave cylinder needs to be adjusted so the throwout bearing has clearance to the pressure plate when the clutch is fully engaged. Last thing you want is your throwout bearing toasting itself in the first few hundred miles.


Once that's done, the bellhousing comes off the engine, and goes onto the Toyota transmission. This turned out to be more of a problem than I anticipated since the counter bores on the bellhousing were too deep. I had to cut down four out of the nine blots that bolt the bellhousing on. It's also worth mentioning that the bolts holding the stock bellhousing were pretty much impossible to take off without the half inch impact gun. My 3/8" impact banged away doing nothing. It feels weird putting a 14mm socket on a half inch impact gun.

And there it is! Look at that sweet, sweet, interracial mating. That poor Toyota transmission has no idea what's in store for it. The only thing left to mount to the engine are the headers. The transmission needs a transfer case, which is still in the truck, so the 4runner will likely be coming apart in short order.


Unfortunately, the Pacific Northwest strikes again and we are experiencing a mid July rain storm. Although the weather report says it will be done by Thursday, living in the area gives me some perspective so I expect it to be dry sometime next June.

The adventure continues. Rain or shine, this thing is going in.