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(sorry for the rant, but I’m hungry...)

I received an email from JITB offering 25% off. Twice I’ve tried to use it and twice I’ve been rejected. The first time, a week or two ago, the cashier took my phone (!) which I really don’t like, disappeared, and after at least 5 minutes came back and said I couldn’t use the coupon. I was ordering something that was posted in their window so maybe there was some sort of restriction on ordering ‘special’ offers, but she didn’t know and couldn’t explain the reason for the rejection.


I tried again tonight, at a different location, but this time I thought I would be kind and print out the coupon for them so that they didn’t have to take my phone; after spending over $700 for my phone, with accessories, I don’t like handing it over to people. I made sure to order straight off the regular menu and not order any limited-time offers. Well, they rejected the coupon, again, this time BECAUSE IT WAS PRINTED, telling me that this was the manager’s decision. The coupon states “Guest must show coupon to redeem”, but it does not state in which form it must be shown. What if I didn’t have a smartphone and just received it on my home computer and printed it from there? I asked if he wanted to see it on my phone and he got mum; I thought he was going to get a manager but he just stood there, staring at the back of the restaurant like he was waiting for a manager to respond to him, and after two minutes asked for the original amount again. I said no and departed, letting my food go to waste, or at least they didn’t get any money for it.

Look, I’m unemployed and have been since the end of last year, and needless to say, finding a job right now is practically impossible. I obviously don’t have a lot of money so coupons are critical to me. I should just be eating at home and cleaning out the freezer and not buying fast food, but I’m trying to support businesses that employ people in my neighborhood in order to help everyone get through this ordeal even if it isn’t the best use of my food dollar. But this kind of behavior, in my humble opinion, is just not how things should be done - this is how you get businesses closed and employees laid off. They might just find that out the hard way, and probably won’t be able to put the pieces together to understand why it happened.


You want to make working fast food a job with a living wage? I’m all for people earning enough to have a decent life, but there has to be a return for the customer, like providing a reasonable level of service. If they think what I’ve been through trying to use a simple coupon is acceptable, well, they’re in for a surprise. I don’t want to see any business fail, especially in these uncertain times, but I won’t stand for crap service. I vote with my wallet, and although the $10-15 they stood to get from me is nothing in the overall scheme of things, it could cascade. If more people get frustrated and say ‘no’ to shitty service it’ll be $10-15 times a thousand. Or more. And that is unsustainable.

I did register a complaint online, but we’ll see if anything comes of that.

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