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05/26/96 - The day when Daytona became the new Indianapolis

I remember the days when CART was the sh*t. You can tell it being the case, because it was a time when even the UK and Germany were building their own speedways to accomodate American open-wheel racing. Little did I know it was the slow death of the series that - at the time - was almost in fight for the no.1 motor sport in the world.

May 26th, 1996 saw the best drivers and teams of the US racing in Michigan and the greatest motor racing tradition doing business as usual at Indianapolis. "The Great American Race" title went to the Daytona 500 almost overnight as the reputation of the Indy 500 was wrecked forever as well as open-wheel racing. Who was responsible for this? Well, there are quite a few names floating around, especially one of Tony George, but the story goes much deeper than that. Here's a documentary detailing the events of that day and the story behind it:

How do you see IndyCar today and what was it like back in the day?


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