Own a Chevrolet Silverado AND simultaneously a pair of Volvo wipers? You’re in luck! Your cuate EL_ULY has the solution.

First, grab your Volvo S60 (05-10), V70/XC70 (05-07), S80 -390000 (04-06), XC90 05- wipers

On one side, everything is nice and flat.


On the other side, Volvo, after a recent part number change (they’re on to me), has now added a little piece of plastic to try and foil my plans.

Muah ha ha haaa! Silly Volvo, you can’t stop me!

At this point, find yourself a good file and get grinding, yo!


Boom! nice and straight.

Install your Volvo wipers on your Silverado and enjoy a nice clear windshield :]