Alright, I picked up a cheap ass f350 Chassis cab. Regular Cab, 2WD Diesel.

It has 170k on it. I ran it for an hour on the auction lot, no overheating, shifts fine, factoryexhaust in tact. It was an old Public works truck for the city. It came with a utility bed, which I didn’t need.

The truck has a build date of 12/08. I’ve read around on the internet about them. From my understanding the 08s had the issues and the 09 got it figured out. I do plan on running the oasis report to see.

My plans are a 3 car hauler trailer, and delivering cars with it. It is an automatic. I have a 7 day warranty on it. So I’d like to get some info, look at it see if it has any big problems. And if it does either fix em or get my money back.

Let me know. I’ve checked the exhaust, radiator, egr and once the service bed is off, looking at the water separator, filter, and pump. Beyond that, I’m a Cummins guy, they work until the motor gives.

I only bought it because it was cheap and I have a need for it, plus a guy who doesn’t have a truck to drive. Thanks Oppo.