I bought the car two weeks ago and have already accumulated over 1,000 miles on it. I figured I’d put together some observations. As a TL;DR: This thing is great.

Okay, now some observations.

-I was shocked to learn this thing has EPAS because of how lively the steering is. It’s a bit meh on center but weights up excellently and lets you feel A LOT of the road.

-The clutch is excellent. Very linear and forgiving. It did take me a while to get used to having to rev the motor up higher than the S10 which could take off at idle.

-The steering wheel in this thing puts all other steering wheels I’ve ever touched to shame. It doesn’t belong in a hopped up econobox. The whole interior punches WAY above its weight honestly.


-Heated seats are a god send, same goes with sunroofs. And Bluetooth. This is the first car I’ve owned with it and I’ll never own a daily without it again.

-I have the base stereo and it’s still alarmingly good and surprisingly has 8 speakers.


-Plaid seats <3

- It kinda has old school turbo lag and I love feeling the turbo come on because it hits like a freight train.


- I’m getting more than double the gas mileage I was in the Silverado which makes pumping premium worth it.

-I actually love how this 4 pot sounds. It’s a nice noise I didn’t expect. The cold air intake it has might help that a bit.


-I’ve already been bitten by the mod bug. Send help.


I seriously can’t find but tiny little faults with this car, such as the traction control being invasive even when “off” but otherwise it’s an excellent little puppy dog of a car.


Oh, and update on the dealer trip: I canceled it. The idiots who did the oil change didn’t replace the washer on the drain plug and that’s seeping. I’m doing an oil change next weekend so I’ll get a new drain plug and all will be right.