That would be time for the Renault 12 then.


And facelifted

The 12 was, both in nomenclature and intended market, midway between the 8 and 16 and was made all over the world., not necessarily by Renault.


Like this one.

It began looking exactly like the 12 but then diverged. Less chrome, because fancy chrome was not needed by the workers in the socialist paradise of the late Mr Ceausescu’s Romania.


And diverged a little more.


And a little more again, by now long after the original 12 had been replaced.

But not as far as this, which is a Ford Corcel.


A what, and why a Ford? Because Willys Overland of Brazil had decided to base a new car on the 12 but before production started had been taken over by Ford who kept the car and the Renault engine. No, it looks nothing like a 12 from outside.

Top trivia: rhd 12s, like many European cars of the time, retained lhd wipers like this now very rare survivor


But not everywhere. Australia had penal import duties at the time and so the 12 was assembled locally. From 1971 local legislation, quite sensibly, required all cars to have properly set up wipers, and so it was done. Aussie 12s had rhd wipers.