I wanted to do two more projects this weekend: I wanted to plastidip my wheels and remove my running boards. As you can see, I didn’t quite get there before running out of time.

On the wheels front, I did the front axle and I’m reasonably happy with them. They’re not good, but the wheels aren’t good and I’m going to look at having them sandblasted and powder coated at some point, so they’re good enough for me for now. I love the black with the chrome lugs, so the rears will get that treatment this week or weekend.

The running boards are probably the bigger success. Six bolts on each side (the rears are tricky and a ratcheting box-end is almost mandatory) and they drop right off. And look at all that room for activities!

Gonna be a good week for the Land Cruiser. Wednesday or Thursday it goes in to get the valve cover gasket done, which you can tell it needs because look at my driveway for gods sake. That’s not all the Cruiser, I’ve had some leaky cars, but it’s probably mostly the Cruiser.