I keep getting asked when I’m going to do another scooter run on a Gambler 500. Well I finally have the answer! Meet Imperator Slowiosa Mk IV!

This is a 2006 Vespa GT200. Owned by a guy that liked to do impossible sounding things with a Vespa, he rode it across the country a few times, rode it through every winter in New York, took it offroading in New York, and apparently even took it motorcycle camping in the wilderness. So I guess it already has some offroad pedigree. It’s certainly physically beat!


Comes with a clean title, extra engine, two spare wheels, a spare carb, a spare gauge cluster, other misc stuff, and the bits he used to offroad with.

Current plan is to use it as my winter beater, then start offroading it with the Tennessee Gambler 500 Redemption run then again for Illinois next Spring. Like the Ranger, I want it to be a long term Gambler 500 fleet vehicle.


The catch? Of course there’s a catch! He lost both keys. This means I’ll have to remove the ECU to get keys programmed. So I guess it’s more like 1.5 Vespas for $360

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