A broken MGB made me drive my own dumb car 1,500-miles from Toronto to West Virginia and back. Check the video! This story basically started with a fellow Opponaut, Matt, bought a sweet 1973 MGB. Well of course we would have to road trip it! But see the MGB wasn’t running. And despite our mediocre efforts, it didn’t run in time for this big trip. We could have taken my normal Suburban or Matt’s normal Integra. But we didn’t. We’re idiots.

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So let’s talk about the Cletus-Vette for a sec. It’s a 1970 Corvette with a 350-HP L46 350 and Muncie 4-speed. It has 4" sidepipes with vestigial mufflers in them and it is LOUD. It is also very hot. It also has to tach, no carpet, no HVAC at all and the trunk measures just 6 cubic feet.


Honestly I don’t think I will road trip this car again in its current state, it’s just so brutal. But dammit we did it. A 1,500 mile trip in a nearly 50 year old sports car. Next time we’ll take the MGB because surely THAT will be easier. 

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