This happening took place about 5 years ago, but stumbling upon the story was eye opening, and was worth posting in my favourite website of them all. Yes, someone used a V10 Twin Turbo Powered Audi RS6 Avant to carry a stash of marijuana. This later turned into a pursuit, which gave this Audi Wagon use as a getaway car. After reading it, this has become for me the actual definition of Perfect Getaway Car.

Now, we all know the market of an Audi RS6 Avant isn't the biggest out there. But what it doesn't have in quantity, it as in specialness. There are some footballers, celebs, and the usual car enthusiast who made enough money to buy this wagon of dreams. But this particular Audi RS6 wagon got one hell of an owner, a european drug dealer.

In Mexico, we have got a couple of people who have that kind of unique life style, but they mostly go around in big American SUV's/Trucks. Escalades, Navigators, Raptors, Mark LTs, Rams, Grand Cherokees etc. which have 450 HP at most, but their use is on ranches and rough trails, so they have a point. This european drug dealer however, spent most of his time on the open road, probably as a transporter of some sort. His job was to the drop off spot while carrying hundreds of thousands of dollars in drugs fast. Audi RS6 Avant fast.

Although this may seem like a very smart men with his car choice, he can be deemed an idiot for how he transported the material. He had to carry 27 Large bags of the dough and get them to whatever point B he had been ordered. Anyone would try and hide them in random places though the vehicle that would be away from prying eyes. But no. What he did, was load up the 1900+ pounds in the trunk as if they were golf clubs. Not a tint of a window or a partial shelf covered them at all.


This is a photo that the traffic safety organisation took of the Audi. Ironically, the police didn't notice his existence due to the "suspicious" cargo he carried at the rear, but by the fact he was speeding. Now tell me, who the hell wouldn't be! You have thousands of pounds of illegal bambam in the back of your car, completely uncovered, a deadline to keep, and 571 Twin Turbocharged Lamborghini offspringed HP at the disposal of your right foot.

When the police first set chase, they were on the highway that goes from Huelva and Seville in Spain, with pretty much light traffic ahead. Yes, you guessed it right, the police never had a glimpse of hope of catching this bastard. Even more so, when in a 12 mile stretch he got to hit 149 MPH. Eventually, traffic gave in, and the police catched up. The guy drove off-road the bewitching wagon into a hidden spot so he could run for it. When the police finally reached the Avant, this is what they found.


What you see there fellow Opponauts is $180,500 worth of grass. Which actually isn't quite what the RS6 Avant was worth in the first place. In a way, I'm quite happy about all this. Finally, an RS6 Avant was used for what it was basically designed for. Hauling the most load possible, to any place required, at any speed necessary.