Admins: Is there a way to report bugs and see if a bug you're experiencing with the site has already been reported? One of the major downfalls with the last site design was how unbelievably buggy it was. The new design fixes the majority of bugs, but there are a few quirks that still need to be ironed out.

If the Oppo and Jalop community could report them, that might give you all a better chance of fixing them.

As I posted in reply to Roberto G:

- Nothing happens when you click on some links inline with the text in the article. Only happens when you can annotate that paragraph. Comment box appears instead of link. Middle click functions as normal.
- Sometimes comment box is laggy and doesn't want to let you type anything. I haven't figured out a pattern.
- I haven't confirmed this yet, but I swear that new posts appear out of chronological order in "latest posts" on main Jalop. I can scroll down past the last article I read and sometimes I see articles I've never seen before. Like it posts them today using a timestamp from yesterday.
- I can't figure out a way to enlarge pictures in comments anymore. Not sure if this is by design or not, but it is annoying.

Also, it annoys the hell out of me that when you click on a comment, then navigate back to the root of the comment tree using the button that looks like |<- , it spits you out at the first comment, not where you were browsing in the comments.