Yesterday's article on best track cars for the money got everyone's attention in one way or another and left me with some doubts about what I'm buying next so I thought this would be a fun post.

What I need is 1 car to do everything and do it all well. My next car needs to be a great daily driver, be able to do 3-4 track days a year, AutoX on some weekends and be capable of road trips and travel (holds a passenger plus either 2 sets of golf clubs or 2x full size luggage somehow, not on the roof). It also has to be nice enough to take clients to lunch/dinner in (so no econo-boxes) and rear wheel drive just because that is what makes my loins burn.

This knocks out many of the usual suspects (Miatas, Focus ST, etc.) and leaves me staring at something like an E92 M3 (or E46), or Cayman S, or ? which still brings all of the nice bells and whistles to be a comfy DD but rip ass on the weekends or go on weekend road trips. But the comments in that article scared me to death on the cost to maintain a car like that if driven spiritedly on the weekends...............

I'm positive I'm overlooking several other great cars that I should be considering or even all of the negatives of the 2 cars above. Whatcha' got?