So last Saturday I was on the way back from the black forest bakery in Dallas. No, not to get cake or bread... I was there to stock up on Dutch “Sinterklaas” sweets. I had taken my daughter with me because she loves to go places in the car, and she likes the sweets to. So it’s a double win for her.

On the way back I tell her we are taking a special road called the HOV. A road you can only take if you have two or more people in the car. We are trucking along with another car in front. We are going roughly the same speed, and all is well.

This particular HOV lane has no shoulder to speak of, so the flexible barriers are a must in case of an accident. Unfortunately that flexibility has one major drawback. People can enter it from the main highway, and do so frequently because they don’t want to wait.

We hit congestion, and in the back of my head I was thinking what unfolded moments later right in front of me.

Everyone involved did not seem to have any injuries which I relayed to the 911 dispatcher, and after police arrived I was on my way. Stay safe out there, and keep your eyes open when you use an HOV with a flexible barrier and come across congestion on the main highway.