1 year ago today

As it stands today, my Miata sits just over 193,000 miles. I just received one of those “one year ago today” notifications from my Amazon photos app and it surprises me how many miles I have added since then. That is more than 25,000 miles added while having a round trip commute of about 15 miles. Even if I drove that every week day for the entire year, that only adds up to like 4000 miles. So that is over 20,000 miles of fun driving!

Sure a lot of that has still been point A to point B highway driving but its all for entertainment purposes rather than the daily grind. In that year’s worth of time I’ve run at least 20+ autocross events, driven through all sorts of snow storms to get to ski mountains, gone on many hiking/camping adventures, toured the tail of the dragon, and barely had to do any work on the car to keep it chugging along. I think the only maintenance ive done outside of oil and tire rotations has been the timing belt job, an alternator, a drive shaft, and a brake caliper.


Also during that time I have upgraded the whole exhaust, got some new autocross wheels and tires, picked up some racing seats, continued fighting rust, and added a nice upgraded short shifter to the car.

 Next up is a cross country move to Los Angeles and the crossing of 200,000 miles. Followed shortly thereafter by a retirement of daily driving duties and the start of another chapter in a new place. More modifications will certainly be planned along with more restoration of the 16 year old paint. Id love to 100% fix the rust problems and then get a nice paint job once I get to the nice desert climate. But it will also be my race car so priorities will go towards mechanical upkeep and upgrades before aesthetics.

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