An automated email was sent to me telling me that a 1975 BMW 1502 had been listed for auction. The image didn’t load right away because Bring a Trailer wasn’t yet white listed for images for my gmail account.

I clicked “display images”. The thumbnail image that appeared was seemingly a joke at first, looking like a little matchbox version of my dream car.

Then I saw it big...

Illustration for article titled 1 Year Ago Today
Illustration for article titled 1 Year Ago Today


“twin webers, cammed, no bumpers, fender flares, MINILITES!!!!, GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. OMG and there is nothing inside, this is perfect!!”

My pal/colleague: You ok over there?

Yea: *sighs “yea”

My pal/colleague:”what you doing over there?”

Me: “Oh I just found my dream car but it’s an auction and the car is in Holland, like the fucking country”


My pal/colleague:”hah, welp at least you don’t have to sweat over buying it”

Me: “Dude, this thing crawled out of my dreams, I have to at least take a swing at this.


My pal/colleague:”You are fucking nuts, I love telling my wife about the things you do.”

You know the rest...

Every time I plunk down in the drivers seat of that car I get what I can only describe as kind of a “shiver”. It’s a feeling of direct connection similar to the feeling I get hopping down a steep section of trail the first day of snowboarding season...A familiar feeling of complete control with strong inputs for all of your senses.


Whenever I think about it, I still can’t believe it’s mine. I would gush some more, but I have a full Oppo review coming soon. I do however have a funny story.

The BMW 2002 community is amazing. There is/was an Oppo on here called “Chuck2002" who put me on to the 02 facebook group years ago when I said that I had been shopping forever. Through him and friend of mine I was introduced to a guy I’m going to call “Rick” who is the local 02 Guru.


I have chatted with rick here and there, then I met him one day at a C&C. I recently mentioned on the FB group that my car was being sputtery when I get heavy on the gas. Rick was one of one of about 20 people who had helpful responses within minutes. Except Rick offered me to come out to his shop to have a look!

So cool, right!? I pull up, Rick has a friend there. Rick barely says hello, his friend does not. They just start going to town on my car like a couple of gremlins! Pulling the carbs apart, checking this and that, grunting, speaking their own fuckin language really. Every once in a while looking up at me to see if I was following their genius-gibberish. We do a little of this a little of that, put new plugs in it and I’m good to go with some suggestions (electronic ignition, proper brake booster hose, and to raise the hose for my breather tank.)


Next I get the tour. I don’t know if you’ve read the article on the FP about the guy who stole from his company and ruined his life buying vintage BMWs (mostly 02s), but Rick seems like he’s on his way. Haha, mostly kidding. Rick runs his own business and appears to be very successful.

Still. I counted 4 running 02's 6 non running 02's 1, Bavaria, and an old Merc. This was before he took me to see his really cool cars (1920's Bentley, 1920's Rolls Royce, Austin Healy.... All just beautiful. After that he pointed at 4 parked semi trailers and said, “yeah, that’s all 02 stuff too.”


These two guys were awesome. Rick’s friend works on the side for cheap out of Rick’s shop. So I’m going to let him install the electronic distributor, do a valve adjustment and tune/balance the carbs. He’s also going to teach me how to set the timing, do the valve check and, set the carbs!!

I did feel like the newest patient at the BMW insane asylum, but everyone is friends there.


Honestly I’m blown away by the community for these cars. People are so kind and helpful. Most people will give you parts they have laying around. I’ve seen people on the FB group go out and help a total stranger who was stranded miles away in their 02.

Happy Friday!

Illustration for article titled 1 Year Ago Today

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