Sorry I didn't get this up last night, I'm processing the video from the 1080p video now instead of the 5 sec stills and it take a lot longer. I just left if to upload to youtube last night when I went to bed.

Either way, I skipped Yellowstone because there was literally nothing to do since the roads were closed and yet not enough snow to use a snowmobile. This was very disappointing, but I made the most of it and covered a lot of ground yesterday. As I drove US-2 around Glacier I got some of the views I had missed the day before, and I cracked up a little bit as I got to Billings just thinking about the movie "Nebraska." I also learned that I-94 starts in Billings which isn't really interesting but interests me since I drove that road so much growing up around Detroit. It also blows my mind some times just how far roads go in this country: I passed the start of US-287 which I've driven many times down in Texas!

I'm loading in the footage from today's drive now, hopefully I'll have it up later tonight.