The Sun! THE SUN! I have seen the sun again! Today was literally the first (partly) sunny day I've seen since I left Arizona. It's been a long time, and it was very welcome to come back.

I left Buffalo early in the morning and headed toward the Black Hills but first up was Devil's Tower

The sun wasn't out yet when I got to Devil's Tower, but it was still very cool. Giant fucking thing in the middle of nowhere. On the way there a bald eagle flew across the road!

After I got into South Dakota I continued on into the Black Hills, I stopped off at Crazy Horse and was disappointed that basically no progress had been made since I saw a TV show about it years and years ago. I wanted my $11 back, though it is fucking huge.



Leaving Crazy Horse I had a route planned out through the hills, unfortunately I didn't know that a bunch of the roads are closed in winter (despite there being very little snow this year) so I had to find a new route which cost some time. Either way some of these roads were absolutely amazing, and I had quite a good time since I was almost the only car on the road.

From there it was Mount Rushmore, which looks exactly like it does on TV. It was smaller than I was expecting. After leaving Mount Rushmore I headed into Badlands National Park, but since I had wasted time in the Black Hills it got dark and I couldn't see much. I found a motel in Wall (of Wall Drug fame) and settled down for the night. Tomorrow I'll drive through the Badlands and then slog through miles on I-90 heading to Rochester, MN where I'll be spending the night at a friend's place.